Reddington Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture Sectional Sofa Set

Reddington Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture Sectional Sofa Set For True Comfort

Reddington Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture Sectional Sofa SetThere is surely nothing quite impressive and comfortable than wicker outdoor furniture that makes your outdoor spaces warm and welcoming. Just imagine relaxing on your patio, sitting comfortably in your wicker sectional sofa set, sipping on hot coffee and enjoying some music or chirping of the birds. High quality and durable outdoor wicker furniture is soft and good, helps to resist the heat on hot days and feels amazing on bare skin.

The Reddington Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture Sectional Sofa Set has the rust resistant and durable aluminum frame that can let you enjoy the furniture pieces for years. All you need to do is to just un-box the packaging, throw on the soft cushions and enjoy relaxing on the patio sofa set. The Sunbrella cushions are like cherry on the top for sure.

With this sofa set, never again will you stress about having the guests relax comfortably outside. With this huge outdoor sofa set, you will have a lot of comfortable space for your family and friends to relax, enjoy and lounge. You just need to place this in your patio, backyard or pool side and enjoy the comfort.

Features at a glance

  1. Made from all-weather PE brown wicker fabric
  2. Comes in 6-piece or 7-piece set
  3. Easy to assemble
  4. Instructions and tools included in the box
  5. Neutral colors to go well with any type of outdoor décor
  6. Nice cushions that ensure plush seating
  7. Adds elegance to your patio

Reddington Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture Sectional Sofa SetNow, let’s also know what wicker actually is. The term basically refers to the pattern of weave. Wicker is thus made from different natural materials like willow, bamboo, reed and rattan. The Reddington Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture Sectional Sofa Set will remove all your stress about having the guests enjoy outdoors. The set includes 2 end chairs, 2 armless chairs, 1 table and 1 corner chair. Materials used in the set are resin wicker, aluminum and Sunbrella.


Talking about the exact dimensions of each part of the set, they are as follows:

  • Armless chair: 25.98 x 30.51 x 26.57 inches
  • Table: 11.50 x 30.51 x 30.51 inches
  • Corner chair: 25.98 x 30.51 x 30.51 inches
  • End chair: 25.98 x 30.51 x 35.04 inches


Reddington Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture Sectional Sofa SetThe wicker outdoor patio furniture set will make your patio and other outdoor spaces look comfortable, inviting and will surely leave your guests happy and satisfied. Last but not least, nothing makes an inviting and plush outdoor space like the Reddington Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture Sectional Sofa Set. So whether you are creating some outdoor space on the patio, wicker sofas say ‘Welcome, Enjoy and Relax’. There is literally no equal warmth, comfort and relaxation of this wicker patio furniture set that you will find elsewhere. So what are you waiting for? Buy your Reddington Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture Sectional Sofa Set now and have a great time relaxing with your loved ones or making your guests go gaga over your outdoor seating. It’s one of the best patio furniture that we have reviewed so far. Furthermore, you can also take a look at the positive feedback and reviews of customers who have used the sectional sofa set and are happy with the product.

Check out Reddington Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture Sectional Sofa Set at Amazon to get the best price! 


Customer Review:

By LMatts:5 Stars

This arrived quickly and was very well packaged. I was surprised something so large could fit into three boxes. The quality is great and the cushions are comfortable. I was worried it would be a little large on the deck but the measurements are spot on and this thing looks fantastic on the deck. It sits low to the ground but I don’t hate it at all, it’s very comfortable. I can’t wait to enjoy it throughout the spring and summer. Read More at…

By con plu:5 Stars

About 6 months old, looks amazing. we use it infrequently but one of the cushions is coming slightly unraveled at a seam. Everyone who sees it seems to love it. I have slept on it a few times on our screened porch. Heavenly! Not high end but for the price point very nice. Read More at…

By Lisa VandenHeuvel:5 Stars

We love our Reddington Outdoor sectional sofa! It came in 3 bug boxes, ready to go. No assembly required. It is comfortable and smaller scale than many outdoor patio sets which is perfect for us because we have a small deck. The back was crooked on one piece but when I notified customer service, they promptly sent a replacement piece! No problem! The sofa is low to the ground which we like, again because it looks proportional to our small deck. The wicker couch and cushions are nice quality for the reasonable price. We are happy! Read More at…


Ohana 9-Piece Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture Sectional Conversation Set with Weather Resistant Cushions

Genuine Ohana 9-Piece Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture Sectional Conversation Set with Weather Resistant Cushions

When you want your patio to look beautiful and elegant, choose this Ohana 9-Piece Set that comes with a lot of bold features that you will love. Who doesn’t want a wonderful and classy set of couches to impress the guests? Not only guests, if you are keeping it on the patio, every passer-by will praise you for the right choice you made. In this article, we will tell you why we really love the Ohana 9-Piece Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture Sectional Conversation Set with Weather Resistant Cushions.

Product Overview

The patio couch set collection from Ohana consists of two club chairs, two corner chairs, two armless chairs, two small ottomans and a single stylish coffee table. The furniture is weather resistant so it can stand the heat and rain. There is no need to worry about keeping it outside. The material used is also better than you can find in most furniture. It is made from resin. Couch or sofas must be cleaned as required to eradicate dust stains and dirt. The couch coming from the resin material is made from synthetic fiber that is effortless to clean without any danger of ruining the fabric or the color. The manufacturers, Ohana produces 100% genuine and original product without the use of any poor-quality materials.

Product Features

  • Configurable, customizable and stylish
    You can get the couch and table to look any way you want and it would still appear to be beautiful. There is no difficulty setting them up. The pieces can stand up on their own. You can bring a twist in designing without worrying how it would look.
  • Solid construction
    The pieces are well-built and come with all-aluminum, powder coated frame which is weather proof, light and tough. When a material is that tough, it is difficult to wear away. There will be no sagging and the seat frames can encourage strong seat support. The resin can stand any weather and they are woven by hand. The coffee table has a safety glass.
  • Extra care to detailing
    The material and structure guarantee you will be 100% comfortable. The inclined cushions are going to deliver additional lower back support when slanting. The Velcro straps on cushions are not seen but they make the cushion stand. There are seat clips to hold together all the seating pieces to guarantee your anticipated configuration does not change. The stainless steel is never going to rust or get damaged.
  • Weather resistant cushions
    The covers of the cushion are made from Spuncrylic® fabric which means it will never fade and resistant to UV. The cushion covers come off easily and they are low maintenance. You can also choose to upgrade to the better Sunbrella® fabric.

Product Advantages

As you can see that the Ohana furniture set for patio comes with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, there is no way you will not like it. The manufacturers are true to their color. You will get it in beige and not white or off white. The best part is that the set is customizable and you can get any color cushion according to your wish. The set will make you feel like you are in an island resort. It has the standard and modern look everyone craves for.

Color Options


Based on reviews, Ohana are well-known for their beautiful and quality patio furniture. Furthermore, they offer excellent customer service to address all of your needs and concerns. So, if you are looking for the best patio furniture, the Ohana 9-Piece Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture Sectional Conversation Set with Weather Resistant Cushions is definitely one of the best choices for you.


Customer Review:

By Anita:

This is our second set of Ohana furniture. We absolutely LOVE it! The quality is superior, it is comfortable, flexible, and it looks gorgeous. It is durable and reliable. We do try to keep the cushions out of the weather, as we live in a rainy and windy area. If you are considering this set, I can assure you that it is worth the money. Read More at…

By Betty D:

I purchased this outdoor patio set two years ago along with other patio pieces by other brands. This is the only set of patio furniture I purchased that has held up two years later. The others fell apart in the sunny and humid conditions where we live, but this set looks as great as when we first purchased it. The cushions are great quality and thick and have held up very well, and the wicker weave is holding up very well and has not faded at all. I very much like the modular nature of the set as well, we often re-arrange the set and use in different areas depending on our needs. Solid choice for outdoor furniture, I wish I had only purchased this brand as my other purchases sadly were wasted investments! Read More at…

By MD:

We searched & searched for months to find a set that’s versatile, affordable & not white/cream. We are beyond thrilled. Delivery was a breeze and the quality is really there. They’re durable but lightweight. The cover isn’t anything heavy duty, but it keeps it dry and we’ve had some serious rain this summer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! Read More at…


Genuine 16-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Dining)

Genuine 16-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Dining)Looking for furniture for your patio or deck? We bet wicker furniture will be a great selection. Having wicker furniture set for outdoors is advantageous for many reasons. It is lightweight and easy to configure. It is designed to withstand the weather conditions effectively. Featured below is a wicker furniture set that is most suited for outdoor settings and is affordable at the same time. The Ohana patio furniture always tops the list. Ohana offers wicker furniture in several styles and we have picked the Genuine 16-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Dining) for you.

Here is the complete description why we picked this furniture set.

Product Description

Genuine 16-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Dining)For those with tight budget, this Genuine 16-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Dining) is an ideal choice. The clean and modern designed 16-piece set has urban furnishing backed with durability of lightweight aluminum frame and freedom of flexible configuration. Hand woven PE resin wicker gives the set an elegant and minimalistic style.

Complete features of the furniture set include:

  • Constructed from lightweight, sturdy aluminum frame
  • Wicker used is all weather PE resin hand woven for elegant looks
  • For additional support to lower back and comfortable seating, back cushions are ergonomically designed
  • 16-piece set is comprised of a 7-piece Sofa set and a 8-person Dining set
  • Sofa set includes: 4 middle sofas, 2 corner sofas and 1 coffee table
  • Sofa set dimensions:
    • Corner Chair: 32″Wx32″Dx28″H
    • Armless Chair: 26.5″Wx32″Dx28″H
    • Coffee Table: 33.5″Wx22″Dx17″H
  • Dining set includes a table of dimension 80″ x 40″ x 28″ and 8 chairs
  • To hold back seat cushions, Velcro strips are provided
  • Clippers for securing sofa set in a desired configuration
  • 4” thick cushions

This Ohana patio furniture set will be entertaining your guests for any outside event for years. Ergonomic design and minimalist charm makes this furniture set suitable for all kinds of events.

This 16-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Dining) comes in three different colors namely Sunbrella Taupe, Dark Grey, and Sunbrella Red.

Pros and Cons

Genuine 16-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Dining)The patio furniture set comes pre-assembled and you need not to worry about putting it together. The Velcro holds back cushions on their place pretty well. Clippers are a boon, they hold the sofa secured in desired configuration. You can easily remove the clippers to break down the sofa to individual chairs. Cushion covers can be easily cleaned, simply remove them by unzipping. 

On the down side, we found the cushions highly water retaining. If they get wet they might require too much time to dry even on a hot day. Also cushions are not as durable as rest of the sofa set. However for the price you can freely do away with cushions.


For those looking for a larger wicker furniture set, this Ohana patio furniture offers tremendous value for the cost. The furniture set looks elegant outdoors and it will last long enough for you and your family to spend great moments on these chairs for years to come.

Check out Genuine 16-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Dining) at Amazon to get the best price! 


Customer Review:

By Meghan Falcone:

This set is amazing. it looks so polished and great, arrived faster than expected, required basically zero assembly, and is super comfortable. when we looked at other options, we were prepared to spend double what we spent on this set. choosing the value option, we assumed we’d have to compromise on some aesthetics or comfort. nope. this is way more comfortable than what we were looking at at CB2 or Pottery Barn. would recommend to everyone. Read More at…

By maxinminn:

This set is amazing. It’s everything I wanted. And the shipment arrived 3 days early. I’d do business again! Read More at…

By Care811:

This is really great. We love it. Measurements are true to size. Very nice looking and sleek. We have only had this for about 2 months so we are not certain how the standard fabric will hold up. We get many compliments on it and this is a great value and good quality. Read More at…


Genuine 29-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge)

Genuine 29-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge)What can be more relaxing than being outdoors with ideal outdoor patio furniture set so you can enjoy even more?  Picking the patio furniture that is just right for you can be troublesome. To make selection easy for you, we have picked the best furniture set after reviewing more than 50 products. The Genuine 29-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge) offers every comfort expected from any ideal outdoor patio furniture set.

Among all the brands Ohana patio furniture is a market leader. This product lives up to the brand’s reputation.

Product Description

The 29-piece Genuine Ohana Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge Wicker Patio Furniture Set comes in soothing shades of black and grey color. Designed to be minimalistic, the furniture set is stylish and elegant, suitable for all types of outdoor events and parties.

Genuine 29-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge)Stop worrying about your outdoor patio furniture set being ruined by the weather. Not anymore, the Genuine Ohana Outdoor Sectional furniture set is an all weather polyethylene resin wicker set that comes with Spuncrylic® fade resistant cushion covers. Here are the complete features of this Ohana patio furniture set:

  • Lightweight and sturdy aluminum frame
  • Hand woven with rick black PE resin
  • Furniture set includes 16 pc sectional sofa set, 9 pc dining set and 4 Chaise Lounge Set, all made from all weather PE resin wicker
  • 16 pc sofa set includes-5 middle sofas, 4 corner sofas, 2 club chairs, 3 coffee tables and 3 small ottomans
  • Soft set dimensions:
    1. Corner Chair: 32″Wx32″Dx28″H
    2. Armless Chair: 26.5″Wx32″Dx28″H
    3. Coffee Table 33.5″Wx22″D
    4. Ottoman: 32″Wx32″D
  • Dining set comprises of 9 chairs
  • New fade resistant cushion covers from Spuncrylic®
  • Best designed ergonomic back cushions for additional support for lower back
  • Velcro straps for holding together seat cushions
  • Clippers for keeping chairs and sofas secured in desired configuration

Pros and Cons

All weather PE resin wicker used is resistant against weathering. Being a segmented design, this Ohana patio furniture set allows you to create several different configurations. For more intimate family time you can connect the sofa and for formal events you can easily break down the sofa to individual chairs to allow your guests have their personal seating.

The Genuine Ohana Outdoor Sectional Sofa Set is easy to clean. You can easily unzip the sofa covers and remove them for cleaning. Unlike most other furniture sets sold online, Ohana patio furniture requires no assembly and comes with pre-welded sturdy aluminum frames. Velcro and clippers make it very easy to secure the sofa in its configuration.

We are yet to come across any possible cons of this set. Only pricing is little bit of a problem for some buyers. Customers are completely satisfied with this furniture set.


With no negative reviews, the Genuine 29-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set is a worthy deal. Durability and comfort are guaranteed with this product.

We recommend that you order the Genuine 29-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge) from Amazon and get some savings off the RRP! 


Customer Review:

By Big texas momma:

WoW! This was a GREAT Buy!!. After 2 days of looking at like 10 different patio furniture stores including lowes, home depot, and a few more throughout Houston, I decided to buy a set at Chair king. I really felt bad because they are so overpriced. Really, 4 pieces of their brand cost more than this 29 piece set so I was very intrigued. I was concerned with the “small seat” descriptions from some of the reviews but I figure for something that is going to sit outdoors.. Hey why not?? So I returned the Chair King set (yeah they were mad but It did not even get delivered yet?!) Anyways, We just updated our patio area and I was ready to go for it. Next I placed the order and was able to switch to brown with NO problem! Excellent Customer service. I got everything the following week and it was packaged carefully and easy to put together. Me and my husband had all 29 pieces put together in like 2 hours! Next I was worried about the comfort… Im 5’8 and my husband is 6’4 and we were VERY comfortable. It is a good value for the money! Note it does sit low however we are fans of the contemporary look where when I lean back at 90 degree angle on the sofa, the top of the back comes just below my shoulders. Anyways, I would give them 10 stars if I could. Very friendly and would recommend this set over any of the big chain stores!! Also they sell replacement parts. Only wish would be to maybe consider stronger tempered glass for the table. I already scratched it and i only had it 3 weeks. But it was worth every penny! Read More at…

By Amazon Customer:

This patio set is worth the price. It was the icing on the cake for our pool area. The quality of the furniture is exceptional. We received a damaged chair, but the seller made the process so smooth. The only problem was the first delivery company wasn’t very flexible. We had to call them to schedule the delivery and they only deliver 12-5 Monday-Friday. We ended up just renting a truck and picking it up from their warehouse. It was a big inconvenience. However, the second delivery company was great! They called us before they even received the chair to schedule a Saturday delivery. We will definitely recommend our friends to Ohana!! Read More at…

By john blair shelton:

Amazing quality. Read More at…


Genuine Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 7pc All Weather Round Couch Set

There is something about patio furniture sets. People always look for such furniture over other material furniture because not only patio furniture sets are durable but also elegantly designed to be a fit for every kind of outdoor. One such value for money outdoor furniture is the Genuine Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 7pc All Weather Round Couch Set which comprised of all weather round couch set. There are many reasons why you might want to buy this product.

Here we review this furniture set for you so you can decide without any confusion to invest in this product or not.

Product Description

Genuine Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 7pc All Weather Round Couch SetOhana has produced this patio furniture set to be a beautiful addition to the outdoor seating area. It is light weighted due to use of durable but lightweight all aluminum frame which is corrosion and rust resistant. It is weaved from quality rich brown PE resin which is going to withstand any weather. Once bought, you can look forward to years of comfortable seating for your outdoors with this product. The tempered coffee table glass top is very easy to clean. Seats are deep with soothing and comforting cushions. The furniture comes with removable free cushions covers. Also the design is kept modular so you can configure the furniture set as you want based on the area available.

Complete product description include:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Hand woven rich brown color PE Resin finish
  • Minimalistic designed for all outdoors
  • Provides comfortable seating with deep seats
  • Tempered glass-topped coffee table
  • Complete 7pc Set includes 4 Ottoman Seats, 2 Loveseats and a 1 Coffee Table
  • Modular design allows freedom to be configured as will
  • Free New Fade Resistant Cushion Covers by Spuncrylic® with zipper

Genuine Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 7pc All Weather Round Couch SetThe overall measure of the furniture is compact and it is specially designed for small outdoor areas but can be an ideal fit for large outdoors as well. All you need is to configure this patio furniture set with your imagination. It is going to convert your ordinary outdoor into most sought after meeting place.

Pros and Cons

Patio furniture sets are in great demand because they are light weight, highly elegant and available at affordable prices. This Genuine Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture Set is a fit on all those requirements. If you have very limited space outdoors then this furniture set is going to work really well. The wicker used in the product is very durable. The cushions are firm, comfortable and lightweight. The fade resistant cushion covers (which are given for free) are going to withstand any weather for years.

Genuine Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 7pc All Weather Round Couch SetOn the downside the ottomans provided in this patio furniture set are only 13 inches high which can be a low seating for some people. Backlean is also not there for any back support.




Simply put if you are restricted by space in your outdoors and want patio furniture sets which can easily adjust, this product is just for you. Within budget spending it offers you durability and comfortable seating furniture for your outdoors.


Customer Review:

By Daniel P:

The set looks very beatiful in our pool backyard. The quality seems to be superior from similar produts from other brands that we looked at before deciding on this one.
Ohana has a great reputacion and other reviews really helped us reach a decision.
Price is not cheap but if you are spending money, you might as well select product that is worth it!!!

The product arrived earlier than promised; very well packaged on a wooden pallet and we absolutely love it. Read More at…

By Melissa So:

Love this furniture. The two round couches fit perfectly around my fire pit and I got to use the table and the 4 detached pieces as a set near my pool. I just wish there was a spare cushion and pillow covers that I can buy for this. The to couches have high backs when we sit we can rest our head on that curve part of the back rest watch the stars.
So far it is handling the Arizona heat for the past 2 months. The test will come in summer. The cover came in handy when there was a small dust storm that blew by. I only had to clean up the cover and not the whole 7 pcs of furniture.I do keep the furniture clean and shiny by wiping it down with 1L of water and 3 drops of of dishwashing detergent ones every two weeks. Overall it looks really pretty and very comfortable to lounge on. Note that the wicker is plastic and not the real wicker and the frame is metal inside. But the material (more the color) and the pattern of choice – to make it look like a real wicker – was really good it does not look like those cheap plastic wickers. At first I thought this was flimsy because it was so light but it was better that way – it was easy to pull in and out the 4 detach pie cut chairs. If there was one thing to improve this product design was to have a low back rest for the 4 pie cut chairs so that when my guest sits the can lean back a bit or rest there arm on it. Read More at…


San Marcos 5-Piece All Weather Wicker Patio Dining Set

San Marcos 5-Piece All Weather Wicker Patio Dining Set – Have It For The Best Of Dining Experience

San Marcos 5 Piece All Weather Wicker Patio Dining SetModern style dining and patio furniture sets have gained much popularity and demand in the past few years. These sets are not just perfect to be used indoors, they are all weather sets that ensure they can be used outdoors as well, like in patio, backyard, etc. However, the very first thing that needs to be kept in mind is the quality or fabric of the material used so that it does not get worn off with the changing weather.

What is it?

The San Marcos 5-Piece All Weather Wicker Patio Dining Set is made especially to make sure that it can be used both indoor and outdoor, with no tension about the weather. The set includes 4 chairs and 1 dining table. The frame is all aluminum which ensures sturdiness and long life. The hand woven all weather resin wicker is also a great attraction of the dining set and makes it all the more attractive. Available in brown color, the dark espresso wicker finish is amazing and goes well with any sort of interior or space.

All you need to do is to just invite your friends or colleagues over for lunch and dinner and enjoy having a hearty meal or coffee with them on this San Marcos dining set. What makes this patio furniture set all the more alluring is the 3 ply foam and fiber filled cushions on the seats. This in turn makes the seating all the more comfortable yet stylish.

Features and specs

Also, the sunbrella premium outdoor fabric is superb and the infinitree TM composite resin wood table top is strong and heavy. If you have some space constraints, you can easily stack up the chairs and have more area. The set just needs the table to be assembled when it reaches your home. The all weather 5 piece wicker dining set is very much durable and indeed comfortable to seat on, offering years and years of stylish and compact outdoor dining and sitting.

A lot of customers say that the chairs are super comfortable and the whole set is great value for money. The set is exactly what it is like on the photos and the prices are unbeatable. With the weight capacity of 350 pounds, the table measures at 20 inches x 42 inches, chair measures at 33 x 23 x 27 inches and the seat dimensions are 21 x 26 inches.

It’s all weather heavy duty resin wicker is in fact hand woven and is thus an artisan product not to be missed at all. As the frames are made of aluminum, they will not rust. The luxurious fabric Sunbrella is known for its rich color and easy maintenance in years to come.

Why go for it?

Another great quality about San Marcos patio furniture set is that the professionals at the company do their job very professionally and are really courteous with the customers. In all, the set looks super classy and value for money. The chairs and table can easily fit even on a small deck. The chairs are very sturdy and can take on the maximum weight and thus they are perfect for guests of all weights and sizes.

Where to buy?

If you are looking for an awesome 5-piece patio furniture set which can also function as dining set, we recommend that you order San Marcos 5-Piece All Weather Wicker Patio Dining Set from…

At Amazon, at the time of writing, they offer you 31% discount from the RRP…


Customer Reviews:

By Stacey Galante: 5 Stars

I love this set. The table was the only thing hat needed to be assembled and it was very easy. The chairs are comfortable. Great quality for the price. You really can beat it. I searched everywhere for something this size and couldn’t find anything I liked that didn’t cost a fortune. I’m very happy with my purchase. Read More at…

By hunny:5 Stars

This is really a great set, looks just like in the picture. I would give it six stars if I could. Delivery was on time, all very well packaged and no missing parts. The only thing that needed to be assembled was the table. It could be done by one person, but a second pair of hands can be helpful. Now, since the weather is cooperating we have been enjoying it on the deck. The chairs are comfortable, the cushions of excellent quality ( not so thin that you can feel the seat!)and pretty looking. The whole set looks really classy, and is well worth the money. We are very happy with this purchase.  Read More at…

By Kathleen L. Knight:5 Stars

Absolutely fantastic, high-quality patio set, given as an anniversary gift, brought great joy! The Customer Service went out of their way to do their job so professionally & were most accommodating! Great product, great transaction, wonderful price & Service! ++++  Read More at…


Luxxella Wicker Bella 9 Pc Sofa Sectional Outdoor Patio Furniture Set

Luxxella Wicker Bella 9 Pc Sofa Sectional Outdoor Patio Furniture SetAn all weather wicker couch set is a requirement to add style and comfort to your home and office outdoors. Luxxella Wicker Bella 9 Pc Sofa Sectional Outdoor Patio Furniture Set which is one of the best selling products we have reviewed. There is everything on the offer by this furniture set which you can expect from outdoor wicker patio furniture sets.

Style Factor

This modern patio furniture set is designed to be elegant and impressive. Bright color cushioning and hand woven wicker furnishing make it all the more appealing. It is structured to be entirely modular, giving you endless opportunities and freedom to arrange it in the perfect way you want it to be. The product is a part of Luxxella’s smooth contemporary patio furniture sets series.

Premium Quality

The wicker used in weaving the furniture is not only trendy but also durable. It is made from all weather Expresso Brown PE resin wicker. The furniture consists of 9 pieces sofa set with 6” thick seat cushions. Cushions are made from high quality industrial grade materials. They will not lose their coziness and cushioning effect. The metal frame is industrial grade and durable, making it a fit for indoor and outdoor use.

Product Description

  • Available in 9 different colors: Peridot, Dark Grey, Light Beige, Orange, Red, Taupe, Turquoise, Off White, and Dark Beige
  • Relaxing Seat Cushions of 6” thickness
  • Complete 9 pc patio furniture set
    • 4 middle sofas
    • 2 corner sofas
    • 2 lounge chairs
    • 1 coffee table
    • 1 tempered glass table top
  • Made from durable all weather Expresso Brown PE Resin Wicker
  • Modular design; can be arranged in numerous ways

Pros and Cons

An all metal interior frame gives this patio furniture set a solid look and sturdy balance. The Expresso Brown PE Resin Wicker used in the sofa is elegant and hand woven designs further out bring the much needed elegance. Cushions are very comfortable and thick in size. This makes this sofa set comfortable and suitable for long hours of seating. The cushions are removable as well which means that maintenance and cleaning is not an issue at all. The unique designing and modular structuring makes the product ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use so you don’t have to worry about the bad weather conditions. Luxxella is able to blend best designs and elegance in this product making the sofa set appealing.

On the down side, the low height of the furniture set can be a problem for some. Also few customers have complained of delivery delays by the seller.

However at the price the Luxxella Wicker Bella 9 Pc Sofa Outdoor Patio Furniture Set is offered, it is a must buy deal. You get one of the best patio furniture sets at heavy discounts by a reputed brand.

Where To Buy:

If you are looking for an awesome 9-piece patio furniture set which gives you some of the best quality outdoor patio furniture, we recommend that you order the set from…

We searched around for the best price and it is without a doubt at Amazon, as they sell it at Factory Direct Price


Customer Reviews:

By Booker: 5 Stars

I received this item yesterday. It looks outstanding. It’s built solid and feels sturdy when I sit on it. When I spoke with the customer representative, Francisco, he was patient, courteous and fair. I would do business with this company again. I would recommend this company to others. Read More at…

By DeVene:5 Stars

Looks great and was packaged well. No complaints. Read More at…


Urban Furnishing – MAUI 7pc Modern Wicker Rattan Patio Furniture Set

Comfort with Style

Urban Furnishing - MAUI 7pc Modern Wicker Rattan Patio Furniture SetAdding comfort and style to your home and office is no longer a concern with the new outdoor backyard Patio Furniture Set. MAUI 7pc Modern Outdoor Backyard Wicker Rattan Patio Furniture Sofa Sectional Couch Set is an ideal match for all kinds of homes and offices.

Offered by Urban Furnishing, one of the best furniture sellers, this wicker rattan patio furniture sofa set has a very affordable price. It comes in multiple color variations to fit outdoors of all designs.

Sleek Design

Urban Furnishing - MAUI 7pc Modern Wicker Rattan Patio Furniture SetWith most of the backyard furniture sets problem is that they take up a lot of space. However this patio sectional sofa set is designed to take up minimum space yet provide comfortable seating. It’s sleek and elegant design gives it an ultra modern, sophisticated look making it a style statement. You can keep it in your backyard, garden or even in waiting area of your offices. All the 7 pieces of this sofa set are designed to be light weight, durable and long lasting.

Premium Quality

Urban Furnishing is offering you premium quality at affordable rates with this patio furniture set. Infused with commercial grade high quality PE material, the wicker used in this furniture is exclusively hand woven. Also UV ray inhibitors are used to strengthen every strand of wicker and avoid any cracking or fading thus making it longer lasting and durable.

All-aluminum frame is used in this sofa set which makes it very light weighted yet strong and durable. The cushions are water resistant which makes them easy to maintain and are very comfortable.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Designed with outdoor use in mind
  • Slim and ultra modern design
  • Highly durable and easy to maintain
  • Water resistant and removable high quality cushions
  • Hand woven wicker giving it a meticulous design
  • Monochromatic Ash Gray color further highlights the handcrafted designs
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty on framework
  • Frame made from lightweight and durable aluminum frame, easy to reconfigure
  • Comes fully assembled, requires no assembly

7 Piece Set comprises of:

  • 2 Corner Chairs each of dimension 33.5″ x 33.5″ x 27.5″
  • 2 Middle Chairs each of dimension 27.5″ x 33.5″ x 27.5″
  • 2 Large Ottoman each of dimension 33.5″ x 33.5″ x 16.0″
  • 1 Coffee Table of dimension 37.5″ x 25.5″ x 12.0″


Urban Furnishing - MAUI 7pc Modern Wicker Rattan Patio Furniture SetWith all-aluminum frame, this patio sofa set is highly durable. Often outdoor furniture gets easily tempered and weathered due to exposure to sun and rain. This is one product which will not fade away due to such reasons. Aluminum is rust resistant and wicker used in this furniture is infused with UV ray inhibitors making it resistant to any weathering.

It’s elegant design and comfortable cushions are removable. This makes them very easy to maintain and they are water resistant which means they can be cleaned easily.


The lower size of the sofa set is a little bit concern but the comfort level once you are seated and affordability in addition to durability is worth the con.

Where To Buy:

If you are looking for an awesome 7-piece patio furniture set to give you the best outdoor experience, we recommend that you order the set from…

We searched around for the best price and it is without a doubt at Amazon, as they offer you up to 60% discount from the RRP…


Customer Reviews:

By Hayley:

I searched for over a year for just the right outdoor furniture. I really wanted monochromatic grey so it didn’t look like all the brown stuff out there. Great with kids and pets. Awesome price. Read More at…

By Amazon Customer:

The furniture was perfectly packed and it arrived on time. In addition to that, and most importantly, it looks great. I recommend this set, definitely. Read More at…


Genuine Ohana Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge Wicker Patio Furniture Set (20PC set)

Complete Your Outdoors with this Furniture Set

Genuine Amazing Ohana Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge Wicker Patio Furniture Set (20PC set)No outdoor is complete without Genuine Ohana Outdoor Sectional 20Pc Sofa Set. You know how hard it is to find the right furniture for outdoors which can withstand weather. Now no more settling for dull designs and poor quality furniture set. With the Ohana Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge Wicker Patio Furniture Set you get the ideal solution for your outdoor furniture needs.

Priced with great discounts, this product meets the furniture needs of every kind of outdoor easily. The sofa set is made from lightweight, durable and stylish aluminum frame. The wicker used is strengthened to withstand weather conditions using black PE resin. There is no match for this furniture set at the price it is offered.

Elegant Design & Durability

Genuine Amazing Ohana Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge Wicker Patio Furniture Set (20PC set)Most outdoor furniture sets compromise on designs for durability. Ohana however brings but design and durability together in this patio furniture set. All-aluminum frame provides it durability and minimalistic design which brings it at centre of all outdoor events.

Hand woven, PE resin infused wicker makes the furniture impressive in design at the same time easy to maintain. Wicker strands of this furniture set are resistant to cracking and fading. You don’t have to think twice while cleaning them. Cushions are kept simple yet ergonomically effective in providing extra support to your back. Now no more concern of back pains due to long hours seating.

Premium quality material used ensures that you are investing in the right product. Cushions are water resistant which makes them easy to maintain. Also this furniture set comes with clippers to hold sofas and chairs in desired configuration. Additionally the back and seat cushions are held in place by Velcro strips.

Product features and Specifications

  • Complete 20pc furniture set with 9pc sectional sofa set, 9pc dining set and 2 chaise lounge set
  • Cushion covers are made by Spuncrylic® that are fade resistant
  • All-aluminum lightweight frame, durable and stylish
  • Hand woven wicker for unique design, wicker strands strengthened by black color PE resin
  • Ergonomically designed back cushion, extra support for back for easy seating
  • Added Velcro straps to keep the back and seat cushions in place, makes maintenance easy
  • Clippers are provided that hold the chairs and sofas together to keep desired configuration easily

Sofa set comprises of:

  • 3 Corner chairs each of dimension 32″Wx32″Dx28″H
  • 4 Middle chairs each of dimension 26.5″Wx32″Dx28″H
  • 1 Ottoman of dimension 32″Wx32″D
  • 1 Coffee table of dimension 33.5″Wx22″Dx17″H

The height of sofa set is 28″ which appropriately supports the back. Dining set includes 8 chairs with beige cushions. On the down side, the dining set does not have an umbrella hole that can be a problem if you want to put an umbrella.

This Ohana furniture set has all the desired features to make it one of the best products in lawn and garden furniture category. With timeless design, minimalist charm and ergonomic cushion design there is no other better furniture for outdoors.

So should i get this?

Definitely a YES! With this furniture set, you can’t go wrong. Prepare to make your guests jealous when they see this set on your patio.

We recommend that you pick the Genuine Ohana Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge Wicker Patio Furniture Set (20PC set) up from where you can save money and get awesome deals on patio furniture.

Get Three Free Patio Covers ($567 value ) when you purchase from Amazon.


Customer Reviews:

By Daniel Glavin:

Can’t say enough good things about this product and this company. First off the set is fantastic. Very comfortable and looks amazing. The free rain covers were a welcome touch too as we had rain 2 days after the set arrived.
Also very very pleased from a customer service perspective. One of the pillow covers had some mild stains on it and Ohana not only replaced it but they sent 2 and sent it overnight. Outstanding experience and outstanding product. Read More at…

By Goenuel Ince:

The set looks great, Service was great, Delivery was great, Everything reached perfectly and undamaged, super comfortable and and and… I would highly recommend it and I would buy it again. Read More at…

By Aaron J. Dones “Aaron”:

We wanted to have a full set of deck furniture that all matched. I was tired of the piece meal furniture that we had acquired over the years, but didn’t want to spend a fortune.

We went to the local patio/deck furniture store, and for a similar set, perhaps a bit better in quality, it was nearly $15 grand plus several hundred for covers.

The difference between this set, and the $15 grand set, were:
1- thicker cushions. This set has 4″ cushions, the expensive stuff is 5-6″
2- color of cushions. this set has an off white color, which is certainly neutral, but not very exciting. The expensive stuff gave us the option to order what ever Sunbrella fabric we wanted.
3- quality. I think this set is just fine, but when comparing to the expensive stuff, you can see a small difference in quality. Such as the weave on the expensive stuff seems thicker.

Having said all that, this is a terrific bargain for very nice furniture, with covers included.

It came well packaged and protected, and we did not have any damage at all. Expect to spend some time unboxing and disposing of the card board, but that is to be expected.

I gave the delivery driver a small tip, and he carted away the 3 wooden pallets that it came shrink wrapped on. I can give my recycle company cardboard, but had no place to go with the pallets.

For what we saved, we can have any cushions we want made, and we have an awesome looking set of matching deck furniture.

One cover was missing, so I contacted customer service, and they promptly sent out the missing 3rd cover, no questions or hassles.

All in all, a very good experience, and we are very happy saving over $10k. Read More at…

By Kelly:

I received most of my items quickly. Far sooner than anticipated actually. There was an issue with the trucking company upon delivery however. I luckily was there to sign and realized that I was missing a piece and they were trying to give me someone else’s items instead. I had a great response dealing with the company to resolve my issues via amazon and the missing piece was sent out. Also, after unpacking the initial delivery one of my corner sectional pieces was defective and the company asked that I send a picture and they would replace it. Which they did.
The table and chairs are stunning. Comfortable and gorgeous. The sectional sofa is also comfortable considering the cushions are only 4 inch. The chaise lounge chairs are my absolute favorite pieces. I lay out on them constantly. I would add that if possible I would buy additional lounge cushions for the chaise if they sold them, only because those are the most frequently used and I fear how they will hold up over time.
The pieces are really light weight which will be a blessing when it comes time to store them for the winter. I realize it came with clips and covers, but I haven’t used either yet. Love to be able to move the pieces around the fire pit as needed and despite their light weight they aren’t blowing away or anything.
To have matching pieces that look so elegant is a joy. I have looked at other pieces at garden stores and pottery barn, and I have to say for the money this is your best bet. Worth every penny! Read More at…


Genuine Ohana Patio Wicker Furniture 9pc All Weather Couch Set

Genuine Ohana Patio Wicker Furniture 9pc All Weather Couch Set ReviewOutdoor furniture is a major requirement of homes and offices with large open areas and gardens. Problem with most of the outdoor furniture is their poor design and high price. Ohana Depot has the ideal product which meets all the requirements of outdoor furniture. The 9pc Genuine Ohana Outdoor Sofa Patio Wicker Furniture All Weather Couch Set is one of the best outdoor furniture sets you can find.

This sofa set is designed to fit all outdoors elegantly. Made from durable and light weight materials, it is easy to maintain and highly durable. This furniture set, with its clean and minimalistic design, will be center of attraction for every outside gathering. It keeps you comfortable even after hours of seating.

Ultra Modern Design

Genuine Ohana Patio Wicker Furniture 9pc All Weather Couch Set ReviewThis exclusive outdoor patio furniture set is made from all-aluminum frame which makes it durable as well as light weight. Hand woven wicker which is infused with black all weather PE resigns gives it a sophisticated and ultra modern design.

It is designed to fit in all kinds of outdoor designs and is dimensioned to take up as little space as possible but remain large enough to provide comfortable seating.

Best Quality Material

Wicker used in Genuine Ohana Patio Wicker Furniture 9pc set is infused with all weather PE black resin to make it resistant to fading and cracking. All the 9 pieces are made from aluminum frame to make them durable yet light weighted. It comes with Spuncrylic fade resistant cushion covers.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Made from lightweight all-aluminum frame
  • Hand woven with durable wicker strengthened with black color PE resin
  • Comes with Velcro strips to hold seat and back cushions in place
  • Back cushions are ergonomically designed to provide extra back support providing comfortable seating for hours
  • To secure sofa configuration into desired assembly set of clippers is provided which holds chairs and sofas together

9 Piece Sofa Set includes:

  • Club Chair of dimension 36″Wx31″Dx28″H
  • 4 Corner Chairs each of dimension 32″Wx32″Dx28″H
  • Armless Chairs of dimension 26.5″Wx32″Dx28″H
  • 1 Coffee Table of dimension 33.5″Wx22″D

Genuine Ohana Patio Wicker Furniture 9pc All Weather Couch Set Review Genuine Ohana Patio Wicker Furniture 9pc All Weather Couch Set Review

Pros and Cons

Ohana furniture collection is exclusive take. It adds charm to your outdoors and is best furniture set for all kinds of outdoors. Made from durable and long lasting materials, this furniture set adds timeless beauty to your house. Unlike most outdoor furniture it comes with clippers to hold sofas and chairs on place. Velcro strips are added to keep back and seat cushions in place, it is especially important for comfortable seating.

Genuine Ohana Patio Wicker Furniture 9pc All Weather Couch Set ReviewErgonomically designed cushions provide addition support to your back. It helps in keeping seated for hours without any pain or stress. You get free patio cover to keep the sofa set clean. Also all the modules of this sofa set are stand alone and you can use them separately as well. Last but not least, this patio furniture set is offered at highly affordable price making it a must steal.

There is no down point of this product and you can count on its quality and durability.

Where to Buy?

We recommend that you order the Genuine Ohana Patio Wicker Furniture 9pc All Weather Couch Set from Amazon and get big discounts off the RRP!


You can also check our review on another 9-piece patio furniture sectional conversation set from Ohana here and here.

Customer Reviews

By Lindsay T:

I am so in love with our set! They made delivery super easy. It arrived in three huge boxes on a shipping create. I was nervous that there was going to be a lot of assembly required but much to my relief there wasn’t any, not even a single screw! Once I got everything unwrapped and unpacked, I found that the individual chairs are sturdy but lightweight enough to easily pick up and move around. I had shopped around and this was by far the best price I found for such a large set. I am super pleased quality and craftsmanship of both the furniture and the cushions. The cover it came with is great too (see snow covered picture). Since this set was an investment for my husband and I and we want it to last as long as possible and living in CO we have some harsh elements to deal with. I decided to spray the chairs and the table with a clear uv resistant spray ( Walmart $8 for 2 cans). Im not sure if it will make a difference or not but I figured it can’t hurt. Read More at…

By Sanjiv Manghnani “Houston Rockets”:

I bought this in Dec 2011 and almost 3 years later I still love it. I always gt compliments on it and have had zero issues. I just ordered new cushion covers as my dog naps on this set a lot and the cushions have been trough the washing machine umpteen times. My patio is covered so there is not a lot of sun exposure, regardless a great product. Would most definitely recommend. Read More at…

By E. Lewis:

I ordered two sets of this outdoor furniture set for an event and it was perfect! The pieces are very lightweight, yet not cheap feeling. The cushions are very nice and seem like they will be durable. The color was exactly like the photo with all of the pieces (very dark black/brown and light cream cushions). The cushions also have velcro on them to hold the pieces together which is a nice feature. Overall, this was a great purchase and the best priced set I could find anywhere online that didn’t look cheap. I highly recommend! Read More at…