Urban Furnishing – BERMUDA 11pc Modern Wicker Rattan Patio Furniture Set

Urban Furnishing Patio Furniture Review

Urban Furnishing - BERMUDA 11pc Modern Wicker Rattan Patio Furniture SetThis BERMUDA 11pc Modern Outdoor Backyard Wicker Rattan Patio Furniture Sofa Sectional Couch Set is just an apt piece of furniture for the chic and modern homes. For anyone who is looking for a sophisticated and urban landscape appearance, the Urban Furnishing Patio Furniture is a must-have item, especially if you are looking for embellishing your swimming pool area. The best part about dolling up your home with this furniture set is that it gives a very elegant and refined look to the exterior, and a being sectional set, this sofa can be organized as per the user’s desire. Have a look at the features of Urban Furnishing Patio Furniture. However, it does come with its own tinge of flip side.

Why to have Urban Furnishing Patio Furniture in your home?

There is a special appeal in every hand-woven thing. It gives you a surety that the product has been tested and passed in terms of quality, and being hand-woven, there is a special appeal to the entire thread work. This patio furniture set is a must for those who are looking forward to a nice leisure time outside on a reclining and comfortable furniture set. The Urban Furnishing Patio Furniture comes infused with stylish and comfy cushions, which are not just detachable, but also water resistant. These cushions are easy to maintain and are seated low-profile.

The Urban Furnishing Patio Furniture comes with wickers available in the designer monochromatic Ash Gray color, which will ensure that it aligns anywhere in your home and makes your backdrop looks attractive and well-groomed. The entire set is itself accessible in the Beige color.

Specifications and Features

  • 11 Piece Set – Comprises of 4 corner chairs, 6 middle chairs, and 1 coffee table
  • Impregnated with the UV ray inhibitors- This will help in keeping cracking and fading at a bay
  • Comfortable, Low-Floor, Removable and Water-Repellent Cushions
  • Stylish and Designer appearance
  • Customization Available

Module Dimensions

Corner Chair = 33.5″ x 33.5″ x 27.5″

Middle Chair = 27.5″ x 33.5″ x 27.5″

Coffee Table = 37.5″ x 25.5″ x 12.0″

Every module of BERMUDA 11pc Modern Outdoor Backyard Wicker Rattan Patio Furniture Sofa Sectional Couch Set has been framed completely out of aluminium. This will ensure much strength and durability of your furniture, while also making it light in weight. This further enables you easy re-configuration.

The furniture set comes with 3-year framework warranty as well.

The Flip Side

Even though the reasons to have this set in your home completely overshadow the flaws, but the furniture set comes with its own issues. The cushions given with the set are a little thinner than what you would expect, but the comfort makes it up for this flaw. Keeping it exposed to direct sun-light may cause a little damage. However, you need to be careful regarding this. Better prevent then lament!

What’s Our Take?

For getting sunshine, you need to bear the chilling winters. Likewise, for getting a very elegant and modern look in your home, you can completely manage the flip side of this furniture set. Otherwise too, the flaws of this furniture set are bound to remain sub-sided once you adorn your luxurious or little paradise with this ultra-modern and tasteful set of furniture. So, we would give it a complete thumbs up!

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Customer Review:

By Cliff:
We have used this for an entire season and it held up well. We bring the cushions inside so I can’t describe how they would hold up if left outside. The furniture is well built for the intended purpose. The are made with a metal frame and resin wicker stitching. The cushions are somewhat thin but fit well. The furniture sits pretty low to the ground so consider that if you have difficulty getting up from a low seating position. We enjoyed it for the season and feel that it was a good buy. The shipping was on time and it was well packaged. Our neighbors have purchased similar items from furniture stores for almost twice what we paid when it was on sale. Read More at Amazon.com…

By Ana M. Caso Latimer:
We were looking for good quality furniture for a small outdoor patio area of an apartment. After finding Urban Furnishings online, we called and spoke to Danny, who helped us customize our order to fit the needs of the space. The furniture is of an excellent quality and the wicker color is beautiful, especially in contrast with the red cushions we ordered. We were so happy with our results that we managed to re-arrange the space to fit an extra corner piece and mini table! In short, excellent quality and excellent service. We’re very happy with the results. Read More at Amazon.com…