Genuine 16-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Dining)

Genuine 16-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Dining)Looking for furniture for your patio or deck? We bet wicker furniture will be a great selection. Having wicker furniture set for outdoors is advantageous for many reasons. It is lightweight and easy to configure. It is designed to withstand the weather conditions effectively. Featured below is a wicker furniture set that is most suited for outdoor settings and is affordable at the same time. The Ohana patio furniture always tops the list. Ohana offers wicker furniture in several styles and we have picked the Genuine 16-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Dining) for you.

Here is the complete description why we picked this furniture set.

Product Description

Genuine 16-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Dining)For those with tight budget, this Genuine 16-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Dining) is an ideal choice. The clean and modern designed 16-piece set has urban furnishing backed with durability of lightweight aluminum frame and freedom of flexible configuration. Hand woven PE resin wicker gives the set an elegant and minimalistic style.

Complete features of the furniture set include:

  • Constructed from lightweight, sturdy aluminum frame
  • Wicker used is all weather PE resin hand woven for elegant looks
  • For additional support to lower back and comfortable seating, back cushions are ergonomically designed
  • 16-piece set is comprised of a 7-piece Sofa set and a 8-person Dining set
  • Sofa set includes: 4 middle sofas, 2 corner sofas and 1 coffee table
  • Sofa set dimensions:
    • Corner Chair: 32″Wx32″Dx28″H
    • Armless Chair: 26.5″Wx32″Dx28″H
    • Coffee Table: 33.5″Wx22″Dx17″H
  • Dining set includes a table of dimension 80″ x 40″ x 28″ and 8 chairs
  • To hold back seat cushions, Velcro strips are provided
  • Clippers for securing sofa set in a desired configuration
  • 4” thick cushions

This Ohana patio furniture set will be entertaining your guests for any outside event for years. Ergonomic design and minimalist charm makes this furniture set suitable for all kinds of events.

This 16-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Dining) comes in three different colors namely Sunbrella Taupe, Dark Grey, and Sunbrella Red.

Pros and Cons

Genuine 16-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Dining)The patio furniture set comes pre-assembled and you need not to worry about putting it together. The Velcro holds back cushions on their place pretty well. Clippers are a boon, they hold the sofa secured in desired configuration. You can easily remove the clippers to break down the sofa to individual chairs. Cushion covers can be easily cleaned, simply remove them by unzipping. 

On the down side, we found the cushions highly water retaining. If they get wet they might require too much time to dry even on a hot day. Also cushions are not as durable as rest of the sofa set. However for the price you can freely do away with cushions.


For those looking for a larger wicker furniture set, this Ohana patio furniture offers tremendous value for the cost. The furniture set looks elegant outdoors and it will last long enough for you and your family to spend great moments on these chairs for years to come.

Check out Genuine 16-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Dining) at Amazon to get the best price! 


Customer Review:

By Meghan Falcone:

This set is amazing. it looks so polished and great, arrived faster than expected, required basically zero assembly, and is super comfortable. when we looked at other options, we were prepared to spend double what we spent on this set. choosing the value option, we assumed we’d have to compromise on some aesthetics or comfort. nope. this is way more comfortable than what we were looking at at CB2 or Pottery Barn. would recommend to everyone. Read More at…

By maxinminn:

This set is amazing. It’s everything I wanted. And the shipment arrived 3 days early. I’d do business again! Read More at…

By Care811:

This is really great. We love it. Measurements are true to size. Very nice looking and sleek. We have only had this for about 2 months so we are not certain how the standard fabric will hold up. We get many compliments on it and this is a great value and good quality. Read More at…


Genuine 29-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge)

Genuine 29-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge)What can be more relaxing than being outdoors with ideal outdoor patio furniture set so you can enjoy even more?  Picking the patio furniture that is just right for you can be troublesome. To make selection easy for you, we have picked the best furniture set after reviewing more than 50 products. The Genuine 29-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge) offers every comfort expected from any ideal outdoor patio furniture set.

Among all the brands Ohana patio furniture is a market leader. This product lives up to the brand’s reputation.

Product Description

The 29-piece Genuine Ohana Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge Wicker Patio Furniture Set comes in soothing shades of black and grey color. Designed to be minimalistic, the furniture set is stylish and elegant, suitable for all types of outdoor events and parties.

Genuine 29-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge)Stop worrying about your outdoor patio furniture set being ruined by the weather. Not anymore, the Genuine Ohana Outdoor Sectional furniture set is an all weather polyethylene resin wicker set that comes with Spuncrylic® fade resistant cushion covers. Here are the complete features of this Ohana patio furniture set:

  • Lightweight and sturdy aluminum frame
  • Hand woven with rick black PE resin
  • Furniture set includes 16 pc sectional sofa set, 9 pc dining set and 4 Chaise Lounge Set, all made from all weather PE resin wicker
  • 16 pc sofa set includes-5 middle sofas, 4 corner sofas, 2 club chairs, 3 coffee tables and 3 small ottomans
  • Soft set dimensions:
    1. Corner Chair: 32″Wx32″Dx28″H
    2. Armless Chair: 26.5″Wx32″Dx28″H
    3. Coffee Table 33.5″Wx22″D
    4. Ottoman: 32″Wx32″D
  • Dining set comprises of 9 chairs
  • New fade resistant cushion covers from Spuncrylic®
  • Best designed ergonomic back cushions for additional support for lower back
  • Velcro straps for holding together seat cushions
  • Clippers for keeping chairs and sofas secured in desired configuration

Pros and Cons

All weather PE resin wicker used is resistant against weathering. Being a segmented design, this Ohana patio furniture set allows you to create several different configurations. For more intimate family time you can connect the sofa and for formal events you can easily break down the sofa to individual chairs to allow your guests have their personal seating.

The Genuine Ohana Outdoor Sectional Sofa Set is easy to clean. You can easily unzip the sofa covers and remove them for cleaning. Unlike most other furniture sets sold online, Ohana patio furniture requires no assembly and comes with pre-welded sturdy aluminum frames. Velcro and clippers make it very easy to secure the sofa in its configuration.

We are yet to come across any possible cons of this set. Only pricing is little bit of a problem for some buyers. Customers are completely satisfied with this furniture set.


With no negative reviews, the Genuine 29-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set is a worthy deal. Durability and comfort are guaranteed with this product.

We recommend that you order the Genuine 29-Piece Ohana Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge) from Amazon and get some savings off the RRP! 


Customer Review:

By Big texas momma:

WoW! This was a GREAT Buy!!. After 2 days of looking at like 10 different patio furniture stores including lowes, home depot, and a few more throughout Houston, I decided to buy a set at Chair king. I really felt bad because they are so overpriced. Really, 4 pieces of their brand cost more than this 29 piece set so I was very intrigued. I was concerned with the “small seat” descriptions from some of the reviews but I figure for something that is going to sit outdoors.. Hey why not?? So I returned the Chair King set (yeah they were mad but It did not even get delivered yet?!) Anyways, We just updated our patio area and I was ready to go for it. Next I placed the order and was able to switch to brown with NO problem! Excellent Customer service. I got everything the following week and it was packaged carefully and easy to put together. Me and my husband had all 29 pieces put together in like 2 hours! Next I was worried about the comfort… Im 5’8 and my husband is 6’4 and we were VERY comfortable. It is a good value for the money! Note it does sit low however we are fans of the contemporary look where when I lean back at 90 degree angle on the sofa, the top of the back comes just below my shoulders. Anyways, I would give them 10 stars if I could. Very friendly and would recommend this set over any of the big chain stores!! Also they sell replacement parts. Only wish would be to maybe consider stronger tempered glass for the table. I already scratched it and i only had it 3 weeks. But it was worth every penny! Read More at…

By Amazon Customer:

This patio set is worth the price. It was the icing on the cake for our pool area. The quality of the furniture is exceptional. We received a damaged chair, but the seller made the process so smooth. The only problem was the first delivery company wasn’t very flexible. We had to call them to schedule the delivery and they only deliver 12-5 Monday-Friday. We ended up just renting a truck and picking it up from their warehouse. It was a big inconvenience. However, the second delivery company was great! They called us before they even received the chair to schedule a Saturday delivery. We will definitely recommend our friends to Ohana!! Read More at…

By john blair shelton:

Amazing quality. Read More at…


VIFAH V1104Set1 Outdoor Wood 5-Piece Dining Set

VIFAH V1104Set1 Outdoor Wood 5-Piece Dining SetOne nice thing if you have a garden is that you can arrange to have your dinner there. It would be a wonderful dining experience for you and your loved ones. In this article, we are going to review one of our favourite outdoor dining sets, VIFAH V1104Set1 Outdoor Wood 5-Piece Dining Set.

First up let us have a look at the features:

  • Includes 1 dining table and 4 dining chairs.
  • Wooden table is expertly kiln-dried and extremely durable for outdoor/indoor use.
  • FSC High Density Eucalyptus (Shorea) is a hardwood growing naturally and plentifully in Asia Pacific protected forests.
  • FSC High Density Eucalyptus (Shorea) is mold, mildew, fungi, termites, rot and decay-resistant.
  • FSC High Density Eucalyptus (Shorea) is also harvested from protected forests

As you can see in the photo, this set offers the good looks of an Adirondack style, the simple design that will compliment any home exterior décor. It is made of beautiful FSC High Density Eucalyptus (Shorea) wood, which is the premium grade of solid “Eucalyptus Gradis” hardwood, grown in 100 % well managed forests in Brazil, andi it is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

There is little difference between High Density Eucalyptus (Shorea) and Teak when broken down to their core essence. The biggest attribute of High Density Eucalyptus (Shorea) is undoubtedly the strength of the timber. It’s renowned for its excellent resistance to every day wear and tear. It is extremely durable and tightly grained to produce a desirable density. It remains unaffected by all variations in weather, especially its resistance to damp conditions makes itself extremely competent at combating insect attacks and decay.

And if you are asking about the installation of this set, it’s actually very easy. This set comes with good instructions that would guide you in assembling the parts, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Where To Buy:

If you are looking for an awesome patio dining set which offers you not only durability but also beautiful design, we recommend that you order the set from…


Customer Reviews:

By K. Reed: 5 Stars

With the included hardware I assembled the set with ease – Instructions were plain and simple. The furnature is well made and beautiful – I added a coat of Tongue Oil but it was not necessary. It makes my patio look great! Read More at…

By cgiudice: 5 Stars

I did quite a bit of searching for a wood patio set that had nice styling details, but wasn’t too expensive. The VIFAH set seems to achieve both of those. The chairs have a nice sloping seat and the wood is a nice shade. My only complaint is that there are several spots on the table and chairs where there isn’t good stain coverage, like the person or machine staining it missed a few spots. While it was pretty irritating to have visual defects like this right out of the box, I decided just to try to ignore the spots since it will get some wear and tear being outside and I didn’t want to deal with returning furniture. Hard to say whether I just got a bad set or they have systematic quality issues. Other than that, they seem pretty well put together–sturdy and reinforced construction. Just wish there were coordinating cushions available, as the seat size appears to be a little atypical. Read More at…