Amazonia Teak Aruba 5-Piece Teak Dining Set

Amazonia Teak Aruba 5-Piece Teak Dining SetUseful in lawns, gardens, patio as well as dining rooms, Amazonia Teak Aruba 5-Piece Teak Dining Set can find place in any part of the house. If you are looking for a dining set for your family, you can consider getting this set.

The set consists of 5 parts: one round table and 4 chairs providing comfort in sitting. Being light in weight, this patio furniture set can be easily shifted from one location to other, thus making single set is workable in whole house.

Amazonia Teak Aruba 5-Piece Teak Dining Set is available in light brown color and is made up of well seasoned teak wood of great qualities. The teak wood structure provides beauty to the finished product. And the whole set t is constructed with high quality teak wood which is 100 % free of structural defects.  It is also very durable due to use of free feron gard wood preservative for longest strap. This preservative is very useful in protecting the wood surface against the mildew growth, salt air and other air pollutants.

Further more, the design of this patio furniture set is very elegant with superior quality. And because of the free protective sealer on surface of the sets, it can be used safely for outdoor uses as it is well protected against poor environment conditions.

With all qualities to withstand rough weather for long durations without deterioration of the product shape, style and strength, we are sure that this furniture set will be liked by the masses.

As you know, the market is flooded with similar products in attractive designs and lucrative prices. But this patio furniture set marketed by Amazonia Teak is elegant in design and style. The furniture are shaped in suitable curves to suit the human body. Even giant bodies will feel comfortable while sitting in the chairs of the set. Their uniqueness in your lawn is visible from far off. And what’s better is that they are pocket friendly and are very easy to use, shift and maintain!

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