Genuine Ohana Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge Wicker Patio Furniture Set (20PC set)

Complete Your Outdoors with this Furniture Set

Genuine Amazing Ohana Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge Wicker Patio Furniture Set (20PC set)No outdoor is complete without Genuine Ohana Outdoor Sectional 20Pc Sofa Set. You know how hard it is to find the right furniture for outdoors which can withstand weather. Now no more settling for dull designs and poor quality furniture set. With the Ohana Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge Wicker Patio Furniture Set you get the ideal solution for your outdoor furniture needs.

Priced with great discounts, this product meets the furniture needs of every kind of outdoor easily. The sofa set is made from lightweight, durable and stylish aluminum frame. The wicker used is strengthened to withstand weather conditions using black PE resin. There is no match for this furniture set at the price it is offered.

Elegant Design & Durability

Genuine Amazing Ohana Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge Wicker Patio Furniture Set (20PC set)Most outdoor furniture sets compromise on designs for durability. Ohana however brings but design and durability together in this patio furniture set. All-aluminum frame provides it durability and minimalistic design which brings it at centre of all outdoor events.

Hand woven, PE resin infused wicker makes the furniture impressive in design at the same time easy to maintain. Wicker strands of this furniture set are resistant to cracking and fading. You don’t have to think twice while cleaning them. Cushions are kept simple yet ergonomically effective in providing extra support to your back. Now no more concern of back pains due to long hours seating.

Premium quality material used ensures that you are investing in the right product. Cushions are water resistant which makes them easy to maintain. Also this furniture set comes with clippers to hold sofas and chairs in desired configuration. Additionally the back and seat cushions are held in place by Velcro strips.

Product features and Specifications

  • Complete 20pc furniture set with 9pc sectional sofa set, 9pc dining set and 2 chaise lounge set
  • Cushion covers are made by Spuncrylic® that are fade resistant
  • All-aluminum lightweight frame, durable and stylish
  • Hand woven wicker for unique design, wicker strands strengthened by black color PE resin
  • Ergonomically designed back cushion, extra support for back for easy seating
  • Added Velcro straps to keep the back and seat cushions in place, makes maintenance easy
  • Clippers are provided that hold the chairs and sofas together to keep desired configuration easily

Sofa set comprises of:

  • 3 Corner chairs each of dimension 32″Wx32″Dx28″H
  • 4 Middle chairs each of dimension 26.5″Wx32″Dx28″H
  • 1 Ottoman of dimension 32″Wx32″D
  • 1 Coffee table of dimension 33.5″Wx22″Dx17″H

The height of sofa set is 28″ which appropriately supports the back. Dining set includes 8 chairs with beige cushions. On the down side, the dining set does not have an umbrella hole that can be a problem if you want to put an umbrella.

This Ohana furniture set has all the desired features to make it one of the best products in lawn and garden furniture category. With timeless design, minimalist charm and ergonomic cushion design there is no other better furniture for outdoors.

So should i get this?

Definitely a YES! With this furniture set, you can’t go wrong. Prepare to make your guests jealous when they see this set on your patio.

We recommend that you pick the Genuine Ohana Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Dining and Chaise Lounge Wicker Patio Furniture Set (20PC set) up from where you can save money and get awesome deals on patio furniture.

Get Three Free Patio Covers ($567 value ) when you purchase from Amazon.


Customer Reviews:

By Daniel Glavin:

Can’t say enough good things about this product and this company. First off the set is fantastic. Very comfortable and looks amazing. The free rain covers were a welcome touch too as we had rain 2 days after the set arrived.
Also very very pleased from a customer service perspective. One of the pillow covers had some mild stains on it and Ohana not only replaced it but they sent 2 and sent it overnight. Outstanding experience and outstanding product. Read More at…

By Goenuel Ince:

The set looks great, Service was great, Delivery was great, Everything reached perfectly and undamaged, super comfortable and and and… I would highly recommend it and I would buy it again. Read More at…

By Aaron J. Dones “Aaron”:

We wanted to have a full set of deck furniture that all matched. I was tired of the piece meal furniture that we had acquired over the years, but didn’t want to spend a fortune.

We went to the local patio/deck furniture store, and for a similar set, perhaps a bit better in quality, it was nearly $15 grand plus several hundred for covers.

The difference between this set, and the $15 grand set, were:
1- thicker cushions. This set has 4″ cushions, the expensive stuff is 5-6″
2- color of cushions. this set has an off white color, which is certainly neutral, but not very exciting. The expensive stuff gave us the option to order what ever Sunbrella fabric we wanted.
3- quality. I think this set is just fine, but when comparing to the expensive stuff, you can see a small difference in quality. Such as the weave on the expensive stuff seems thicker.

Having said all that, this is a terrific bargain for very nice furniture, with covers included.

It came well packaged and protected, and we did not have any damage at all. Expect to spend some time unboxing and disposing of the card board, but that is to be expected.

I gave the delivery driver a small tip, and he carted away the 3 wooden pallets that it came shrink wrapped on. I can give my recycle company cardboard, but had no place to go with the pallets.

For what we saved, we can have any cushions we want made, and we have an awesome looking set of matching deck furniture.

One cover was missing, so I contacted customer service, and they promptly sent out the missing 3rd cover, no questions or hassles.

All in all, a very good experience, and we are very happy saving over $10k. Read More at…

By Kelly:

I received most of my items quickly. Far sooner than anticipated actually. There was an issue with the trucking company upon delivery however. I luckily was there to sign and realized that I was missing a piece and they were trying to give me someone else’s items instead. I had a great response dealing with the company to resolve my issues via amazon and the missing piece was sent out. Also, after unpacking the initial delivery one of my corner sectional pieces was defective and the company asked that I send a picture and they would replace it. Which they did.
The table and chairs are stunning. Comfortable and gorgeous. The sectional sofa is also comfortable considering the cushions are only 4 inch. The chaise lounge chairs are my absolute favorite pieces. I lay out on them constantly. I would add that if possible I would buy additional lounge cushions for the chaise if they sold them, only because those are the most frequently used and I fear how they will hold up over time.
The pieces are really light weight which will be a blessing when it comes time to store them for the winter. I realize it came with clips and covers, but I haven’t used either yet. Love to be able to move the pieces around the fire pit as needed and despite their light weight they aren’t blowing away or anything.
To have matching pieces that look so elegant is a joy. I have looked at other pieces at garden stores and pottery barn, and I have to say for the money this is your best bet. Worth every penny! Read More at…


Genuine Ohana Patio Wicker Furniture 9pc All Weather Couch Set

Genuine Ohana Patio Wicker Furniture 9pc All Weather Couch Set ReviewOutdoor furniture is a major requirement of homes and offices with large open areas and gardens. Problem with most of the outdoor furniture is their poor design and high price. Ohana Depot has the ideal product which meets all the requirements of outdoor furniture. The 9pc Genuine Ohana Outdoor Sofa Patio Wicker Furniture All Weather Couch Set is one of the best outdoor furniture sets you can find.

This sofa set is designed to fit all outdoors elegantly. Made from durable and light weight materials, it is easy to maintain and highly durable. This furniture set, with its clean and minimalistic design, will be center of attraction for every outside gathering. It keeps you comfortable even after hours of seating.

Ultra Modern Design

Genuine Ohana Patio Wicker Furniture 9pc All Weather Couch Set ReviewThis exclusive outdoor patio furniture set is made from all-aluminum frame which makes it durable as well as light weight. Hand woven wicker which is infused with black all weather PE resigns gives it a sophisticated and ultra modern design.

It is designed to fit in all kinds of outdoor designs and is dimensioned to take up as little space as possible but remain large enough to provide comfortable seating.

Best Quality Material

Wicker used in Genuine Ohana Patio Wicker Furniture 9pc set is infused with all weather PE black resin to make it resistant to fading and cracking. All the 9 pieces are made from aluminum frame to make them durable yet light weighted. It comes with Spuncrylic fade resistant cushion covers.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Made from lightweight all-aluminum frame
  • Hand woven with durable wicker strengthened with black color PE resin
  • Comes with Velcro strips to hold seat and back cushions in place
  • Back cushions are ergonomically designed to provide extra back support providing comfortable seating for hours
  • To secure sofa configuration into desired assembly set of clippers is provided which holds chairs and sofas together

9 Piece Sofa Set includes:

  • Club Chair of dimension 36″Wx31″Dx28″H
  • 4 Corner Chairs each of dimension 32″Wx32″Dx28″H
  • Armless Chairs of dimension 26.5″Wx32″Dx28″H
  • 1 Coffee Table of dimension 33.5″Wx22″D

Genuine Ohana Patio Wicker Furniture 9pc All Weather Couch Set Review Genuine Ohana Patio Wicker Furniture 9pc All Weather Couch Set Review

Pros and Cons

Ohana furniture collection is exclusive take. It adds charm to your outdoors and is best furniture set for all kinds of outdoors. Made from durable and long lasting materials, this furniture set adds timeless beauty to your house. Unlike most outdoor furniture it comes with clippers to hold sofas and chairs on place. Velcro strips are added to keep back and seat cushions in place, it is especially important for comfortable seating.

Genuine Ohana Patio Wicker Furniture 9pc All Weather Couch Set ReviewErgonomically designed cushions provide addition support to your back. It helps in keeping seated for hours without any pain or stress. You get free patio cover to keep the sofa set clean. Also all the modules of this sofa set are stand alone and you can use them separately as well. Last but not least, this patio furniture set is offered at highly affordable price making it a must steal.

There is no down point of this product and you can count on its quality and durability.

Where to Buy?

We recommend that you order the Genuine Ohana Patio Wicker Furniture 9pc All Weather Couch Set from Amazon and get big discounts off the RRP!


You can also check our review on another 9-piece patio furniture sectional conversation set from Ohana here and here.

Customer Reviews

By Lindsay T:

I am so in love with our set! They made delivery super easy. It arrived in three huge boxes on a shipping create. I was nervous that there was going to be a lot of assembly required but much to my relief there wasn’t any, not even a single screw! Once I got everything unwrapped and unpacked, I found that the individual chairs are sturdy but lightweight enough to easily pick up and move around. I had shopped around and this was by far the best price I found for such a large set. I am super pleased quality and craftsmanship of both the furniture and the cushions. The cover it came with is great too (see snow covered picture). Since this set was an investment for my husband and I and we want it to last as long as possible and living in CO we have some harsh elements to deal with. I decided to spray the chairs and the table with a clear uv resistant spray ( Walmart $8 for 2 cans). Im not sure if it will make a difference or not but I figured it can’t hurt. Read More at…

By Sanjiv Manghnani “Houston Rockets”:

I bought this in Dec 2011 and almost 3 years later I still love it. I always gt compliments on it and have had zero issues. I just ordered new cushion covers as my dog naps on this set a lot and the cushions have been trough the washing machine umpteen times. My patio is covered so there is not a lot of sun exposure, regardless a great product. Would most definitely recommend. Read More at…

By E. Lewis:

I ordered two sets of this outdoor furniture set for an event and it was perfect! The pieces are very lightweight, yet not cheap feeling. The cushions are very nice and seem like they will be durable. The color was exactly like the photo with all of the pieces (very dark black/brown and light cream cushions). The cushions also have velcro on them to hold the pieces together which is a nice feature. Overall, this was a great purchase and the best priced set I could find anywhere online that didn’t look cheap. I highly recommend! Read More at…


Urban Furnishing – BERMUDA 11pc Modern Wicker Rattan Patio Furniture Set

Urban Furnishing Patio Furniture Review

Urban Furnishing - BERMUDA 11pc Modern Wicker Rattan Patio Furniture SetThis BERMUDA 11pc Modern Outdoor Backyard Wicker Rattan Patio Furniture Sofa Sectional Couch Set is just an apt piece of furniture for the chic and modern homes. For anyone who is looking for a sophisticated and urban landscape appearance, the Urban Furnishing Patio Furniture is a must-have item, especially if you are looking for embellishing your swimming pool area. The best part about dolling up your home with this furniture set is that it gives a very elegant and refined look to the exterior, and a being sectional set, this sofa can be organized as per the user’s desire. Have a look at the features of Urban Furnishing Patio Furniture. However, it does come with its own tinge of flip side.

Why to have Urban Furnishing Patio Furniture in your home?

There is a special appeal in every hand-woven thing. It gives you a surety that the product has been tested and passed in terms of quality, and being hand-woven, there is a special appeal to the entire thread work. This patio furniture set is a must for those who are looking forward to a nice leisure time outside on a reclining and comfortable furniture set. The Urban Furnishing Patio Furniture comes infused with stylish and comfy cushions, which are not just detachable, but also water resistant. These cushions are easy to maintain and are seated low-profile.

The Urban Furnishing Patio Furniture comes with wickers available in the designer monochromatic Ash Gray color, which will ensure that it aligns anywhere in your home and makes your backdrop looks attractive and well-groomed. The entire set is itself accessible in the Beige color.

Specifications and Features

  • 11 Piece Set – Comprises of 4 corner chairs, 6 middle chairs, and 1 coffee table
  • Impregnated with the UV ray inhibitors- This will help in keeping cracking and fading at a bay
  • Comfortable, Low-Floor, Removable and Water-Repellent Cushions
  • Stylish and Designer appearance
  • Customization Available

Module Dimensions

Corner Chair = 33.5″ x 33.5″ x 27.5″

Middle Chair = 27.5″ x 33.5″ x 27.5″

Coffee Table = 37.5″ x 25.5″ x 12.0″

Every module of BERMUDA 11pc Modern Outdoor Backyard Wicker Rattan Patio Furniture Sofa Sectional Couch Set has been framed completely out of aluminium. This will ensure much strength and durability of your furniture, while also making it light in weight. This further enables you easy re-configuration.

The furniture set comes with 3-year framework warranty as well.

The Flip Side

Even though the reasons to have this set in your home completely overshadow the flaws, but the furniture set comes with its own issues. The cushions given with the set are a little thinner than what you would expect, but the comfort makes it up for this flaw. Keeping it exposed to direct sun-light may cause a little damage. However, you need to be careful regarding this. Better prevent then lament!

What’s Our Take?

For getting sunshine, you need to bear the chilling winters. Likewise, for getting a very elegant and modern look in your home, you can completely manage the flip side of this furniture set. Otherwise too, the flaws of this furniture set are bound to remain sub-sided once you adorn your luxurious or little paradise with this ultra-modern and tasteful set of furniture. So, we would give it a complete thumbs up!

Check out Urban Furnishing – BERMUDA 11pc Modern Wicker Rattan Patio Furniture Set at Amazon to get the best price! 

CLICK HERE TO PURCHSE Urban Furnishing – BERMUDA 11pc Modern Wicker Rattan Patio Furniture Set.

Customer Review:

By Cliff:
We have used this for an entire season and it held up well. We bring the cushions inside so I can’t describe how they would hold up if left outside. The furniture is well built for the intended purpose. The are made with a metal frame and resin wicker stitching. The cushions are somewhat thin but fit well. The furniture sits pretty low to the ground so consider that if you have difficulty getting up from a low seating position. We enjoyed it for the season and feel that it was a good buy. The shipping was on time and it was well packaged. Our neighbors have purchased similar items from furniture stores for almost twice what we paid when it was on sale. Read More at…

By Ana M. Caso Latimer:
We were looking for good quality furniture for a small outdoor patio area of an apartment. After finding Urban Furnishings online, we called and spoke to Danny, who helped us customize our order to fit the needs of the space. The furniture is of an excellent quality and the wicker color is beautiful, especially in contrast with the red cushions we ordered. We were so happy with our results that we managed to re-arrange the space to fit an extra corner piece and mini table! In short, excellent quality and excellent service. We’re very happy with the results. Read More at…


Genuine Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 6pc Sofa Set (Sunbrella Orange)

Genuine Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 6pc Sofa Set (Sunbrella Orange)Having comfortable and luxurious furniture for your patio is what everybody wants. From sophisticated sofas to couches and ottomans, people think of almost every possible idea to have a wonderful and pleasant outdoor seating. You can revive the overall feel and look of your patio or garden with the stylish Genuine Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture. This way, you can update your decor with latest furniture and have an elegant seating. The Ohana Outdoor furniture is the all-weather PE Resin Wicker Couch set that offers modular design that further enables flexibility and durability with various configuration options.

What does it include?

The 6 pieces furniture set includes two middle and corner sofas each, one coffee table and one large ottoman. This ensures that you have comfortable seating plus table option. You need to keep in mind that your outdoor seating should be a reflection of your personality and taste. With Genuine Ohana Patio Wicker Furniture, you can be sure of having amazing furniture pieces at best rates possible. With this contemporary furniture line, you can easily enjoy sophistication and comfort at the same time, making your guests and friends envy you because of the luxurious furniture in your patio.

It has been seen that many homeowners take much pride in the atmosphere they make when planning the interior of their home. But with Genuine Ohana Patio Wicker Furniture, you don’t have to settle with anything less than the best. The contemporary, classic outdoor patio furniture pieces will create an inviting and exquisite setting that will be just perfect for casual tea gossips, sophisticated dinners, and relaxed weekend barbeques.

Benefits sneak peek

To have a quick glance at the pros of Genuine Ohana patio furniture, read below:

  • No need to assemble anything
  • Sunbrella orange colour
  • Fade resistant cushions
  • Cushion covers with zippers to help in easy cleaning
  • Made from lightweight aluminium frame, hand woven with Black colour PE Resin

What’s more, the ergonomically designed cushion offers extra support for your back so that you can be relaxed and comfortable, sitting for hours on the comfortable sofas. The best part about this furniture set is that it is all weather couch set so that you do not have to worry about shifting the pieces every time there is change of weather or rain. The cleaning is also very simple and you do not have to compromise on furnishing quality when you buy the Genuine Ohana outdoor patio wicker furniture.

More about Ohana patio furniture

Another attractive point is the sunbrella orange colour of the couch set that goes well with any type of setting. The orange colour also makes the furniture look all the more contemporary and stylish.

So, when it comes to having affordable, comfortable and trendy furniture for your patio, garden or any other outdoor setting, just consider this wicker furniture and you will be happy with your decision. With satisfied customers and positive reviews, you can be more sure of getting the best furniture for your home. Wait no more and order now to spend relaxed evenings or sunny afternoons with your loved ones!

Check out Genuine Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 6pc Sofa Set (Sunbrella Orange) at Amazon to get the best price! 

CLICK HERE TO VIEW Genuine Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 6pc Sofa Set (Sunbrella Orange).

Customer Review:

By Judi Mora:
Very pleased with the quality and color and we’ve been comfortably …
Gorgeous. Very pleased with the quality and color and we’ve been comfortably enjoying it since it arrived. If you are willing to pay for it, you will not be disappointed. Looks very sharp in our backyard. Read More at…


Strathwood Ritta All-Weather Wicker 3-Piece Bistro Set

Strathwood Ritta All-Weather Wicker 3-Piece Bistro Set
Strathwood Ritta All-Weather Wicker 3-Piece Bistro Set

In our list of the best Patio furniture, here we are having Strathwood Ritta All-Weather Wicker 3-Piece Bistro Set. This furniture set includes two chairs and one table, and from the design and color, it feels classy and natural.

The Strathwood Ritta All-Weather Wicker 3-Piece Bistro Set is perfect for anyone who wants a simple patio set with classy and elegant look.

Let’s check the details:

  • Wicker bistro set for outdoor use, includes two chairs and table
  • Tightly woven of polyethylene (PE) resin wicker strands in warm mocha color
  • Durable aluminum legs have a curvy elegance and dark gray powder coating

  • Chairs and table fold for easy, compact storage; table weighs 3.82 pounds; chair weighs 4.64 pounds
  • Table measures 24 inches in diameter by 28 inches tall; chairs are 23 inches wide by 18 inches deep by 35 inches tall

From our experience, we feel that the chair is pretty comfortable to sit on, although you may consider to add some cushions if you like.  And with the materials, you won’t feel too cold or too hot when you sit.  This set is perfect for two, for any occasion with your loved one, family, or friend.

The other thing to note is that it’s actually very lightweight; with the seating made of woven resin wicker and the legs made of light aluminium. This will also ensure that the legs won’t corrode and you don’t need to apply extra protection.

And if you are not the handyman type, do not worry. This set comes fully assembled. So you won’t need to put too much effort; you can just use the set right away.

This furniture set is a product of Strathwood, which is well known for its quality, so you need not to worry as not only the set looks elegant, it will also serve you for long time. And, with the price, we believe this really worth your money.

Where To Buy:

If you are looking for an awesome 3 piece Bistro set which gives you some of the best quality outdoor patio furniture, we recommend that you order the set from…

We searched around for the best price and it is without a doubt at Amazon, as they offer you 32% discount from the RRP…


Customer Reviews:

By C. D. Foster: 5 Stars

This was such a great buy I snapped it up for the smaller deck off my master bedroom, then was pleasantly surprised by its quality for the price. It came very well packed, needs no assembly (except to unfold) and the chairs are comfortable.

I have been looking for some time for a smaller set for this deck, and this is the best value I have seen. Just right for a morning latte over the papers for one or two. Read More at…

By Carolyn Ross:5 Stars

I was looking for a small, inexpensive but well-made, table and chairs set for my deck, and this fit my requirements to a “T”. It arrived in perfect condition, which is unusual these days. All the legs of the furniture had foam packing around them so there were absolutely no chips or dents. The set is cute – great for my small deck and a relaxing moment outdoors. The wicker top of the table doesn’t flex very much at all and you could always get a piece of glass (or plexi-glass) cut to size if you wanted more of a traditional surface. I was very satisfied with the quality and price, especially after seeing what was available locally in stores. I would highly recommend this product! Read More at…


Genuine 7-Piece Ohana Patio Furniture Wicker Couch Set With Beige Cushion

Ohana Wicker FurnitureSummer is on the way and here at we are going to give you an overview of the best patio sets to suit all budgets.

We have put the site together not as much as a ranking system from best to worst but we will start with the ultimate patio furniture set we would suggest getting if money is no object.

Our top rated patio furniture set is the Genuine Ohana Wicker Furniture 7pc Set with Beige Cushion.

If you want to relax in the garden this summer in style than you need to check out this patio set, it is awesome!

First up let us have a look at the features:

  • Weather Proof Wicker Sofa Set provides a modular design, which enables flexibility with many configuration options
  • 7pcs set includes 2 Corner Sofas + 2 Middle Sofas + 1 Coffee Table + 2 Ottomans
  • Carefully Handmade from Top Quality ALLWEATHER PE Rattan/WICKER Fiber
  • Factory Direct Prices (MSRP $2,799.00). Special: Free Patio Cover for a limited time ($189 Value)
  • 4 inch Thick Beige Cushions with removable cover. New Fade Resistant Cushion Covers by Spuncrylic®

The Ohana patio furniture set is pure luxury and you get an awesome set for the money. It is 28 inches tall so you will have full support for your back and you can move about the different pieces of furniture in the set to suit any garden.

The patio set is made from an aluminium frame so it is light and hand woven with a rich Black color PE Resin. The back cushions make the Ohana patio furniture set the height of luxury and you get ergonomically designed back cushions.

The thing we liked about the Ohana Outdoor Wicker Furniture was the way it looked, this set really does add that WOW factor to your garden but it is really comfortable as well and it is tall enough for your back so you don’t get a sore neck but the seating cushions are also comfortable so you can stay there for hours.

Each set will give you some clippers if you want to hold the chairs and sofas together and make your own layout. The clippers will hold the furniture together.

Another thing you have to worry about a lot of the time with garden furniture is whether or not it will stand the weather conditions. Well you can relax as the Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker furniture is weather proof so you can keep it outside in all weathers and it will still last you a very long time!

You also get 4 inches thick beige cushions that come with a zipper so you can clean them easily.

In short if you are looking for the ultimate patio furniture set this is it!

The Ohana furniture set is well made, easy to move, lightweight firm to sit on but also comfortable and easy to assemble!

If you want something that is comfortable for outdoors but also looks a million dollars you need to check out this set!

We recommend that you order the Genuine Ohana Outdoor Wicker Furniture 7pc Couch Set With Beige Cushion from Amazon and you will be able to save up to 50% off of the RRP!


If you fancy other color, check the Pinkish-Red one here:

Genuine Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 7pc Sofa Set with Free Patio Cover (Pinkish-Red)

Genuine Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 7pc Red Genuine Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 7pc Red

or the Brown one:

Genuine Ohana Outdoor Patio Sofa Sectional Wicker Furniture 7pc Couch Set with Free Patio Cover (Brown)

Genuine Ohana Outdoor Patio Sofa Sectional Wicker Furniture 7pc Couch Set with Free Brown Patio Cover Genuine Ohana Outdoor Patio Sofa Sectional Wicker Furniture 7pc Couch Set with Free Brown Patio Cover

or in Sunbrella Aruba:

Ohana Collection 7 Piece Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture Sofa Set, Sunbrella Aruba

Ohana Outdoor Wicker Furniture Sunbrella Aruba Ohana Outdoor Wicker Furniture Sunbrella Aruba

Customer Reviews:

By Roger:

I purchased two sets from Ohana Depot, this one with the 7pcs and another set. The sectional pieces are very well sized and look smaller than you’d think. Make sure to measure your space to insure you have enough room. These sectionals are very modern/contemporary and are slightly lower to the ground that most outdoor patio furniture.

The pieces aren’t heavy, but they aren’t lightweight either. I was able to handle each piece by myself without much hassle. The pieces are very well packaged, however 25% of the boxes can significant cuts or damage to the outside during shipment. One box had a giant 6″ whole with a piece of wood sticking out (there is no wood in the product)… I think it was the palette itself that got damaged. Fortunately, the section piece in question suffered no damage. Read More at…

By Caveat Emptor:

I read a bunch of reviews before deciding to buy this set. Price had much to do with my decision, since i wanted the most sitting for my budget. It came complete and the delivery was good. putting it together was a breeze, considering I’m not much of a handyman. The sitting arrangement is flexible and the pieces are light enough so you can rearrange according to your specific needs. Read More at…